QuadPay Widgets

QuadPay offers merchants a number of helpful & informative widgets, which display more information about the product to site customers. The widgets are really easy to load onto the relevant pages, and should be able to completed by most merchant site admins.

If you are having any issues implementing these on your site, please contact [email protected]

Simple Usage - Calculator / More Info

Simply add the below HTML snippet to show QuadPay Widget on your Product or Cart page.

Base Url : https://widgets.quadpay.com/your-merchant-name/quadpay-widget-0.1.0.js?type=calculator


Name Description
min Your minimum QuadPay amount
max Your maximum Quadpay amount
amount The order or cart amount


(*item / cart worth $300)

or 4 Interest-Free Installments
of $75.00

Code to insert into your page

Replace 'MY-MERCHANT-SLUG' with the slug provided by QuadPay
Replace 'INSTALLMENT-PRICE' with the Product or Cart total divided by 4.
<div id="quadPayCalculatorWidget" class="yui3-cssreset" style="position: relative; margin: 0; padding: 7px 0; width: 100%; max-width: 350px; min-height: 56px; color: black; text-transform: none; box-sizing: inherit;">
    <img id="quadPayCalculatorWidgetLogo" src="https://assets.quadpay.com/assets/images/quadpay-logo-actually-black-tight-200.png" style="width: 90px; float: right;">
    <div id="quadPayCalculatorWidgetText" style="position: relative; text-align: left;">or 4 Interest-Free Installments<br>
        <span id="quadPayCalculatorWidgetTextFromCopy" style="margin-right: 10px;">of <span style="font-weight: bold;">INSTALLMENT-PRICE</span></span>
        <script async src="https://widgets.quadpay.com/MY-MERCHANT-SLUG/quadpay-widget-0.1.0.js?type=calculator&min=1&max=1500&amount=75.0" type="application/javascript"></script>


When using this widget in Shopify, you can pass the following values for the amount parameters.


Shopify Page Value
Cart {{ cart.total_price | divided_by: 100.0 }}
Product {{ current_variant.price | divided_by: 100.0 }}
Installment Amount {{ current_variant.price | divided_by: 4.0 | money}}